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Coupon Calculating Spreadsheets

I have created spreadsheets to calculate your after-coupon price for your shopping trips.

Click here for the Basic Coupon Calculating Spreadsheet

Click here for the Doubles Coupon Calculating Spreadsheet

Click here for the Triples Coupon Calculating Spreadsheet

Here are some basic instructions
-Insert item description in the “item” column
-Insert price of individual item in the “price” column
-Insert quantity of item required by coupon in the “quantity” column
-Insert coupon value in the “coupon” column

I have formatted the final price column to automatically calculate the out of pocket expense/profit. If the item is a money-maker the final price field will be green.

*Special note about the quantity field: this field is intended for coupons that specify you must buy a certain quantity of an item. Example: Save $0.75 when you buy 3. You would input 3 in the quantity field to find out the final price of all 3 items.

Please leave a comment with your feedback on these spreadsheets. I hope you find them useful!